Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holy Crap, an Ice Storm ... Let's Block the TV!

This is not Southern California; it's Chicago. As far as I can tell, this city has been heavily populated for several decades now; and during that time, it's always been very cold and snowy here during winter. But one thing never ceases to amaze me: when the first ice storm of the season hits, news outlets think it's a "breaking story."

My first gripe (yeah, I know, I bitch alot) is that the local stations find it necessary to place a gigantic graphic picture in the lower left corner of the TV screen during prime time...It really invades my viewing pleasure when I'm attempting to watch reruns of Law and Order SVU.

Secondly, it seems that every news brief aired during the breaks looks and sounds like this,
"Winter storms hit Chicago area, see how citizens react to the sudden
onslaught of cold." --local news affiliate headline

What onslaught? It's December you idiots, not July! If this happened on July4th, it'd be news.

...and I'll tell you how people react: they either drive way too fast and slide off the road, or they drive entirely too slowly and get rear-ended by the guy driving too fast! But is that really news when it happens every year? I'd much rather hear Drew Peterson (the local cop suspected of killing 2 of his wives) talk about how his missing wife, Stacey, was a raving witch during her menstrual cycle, or how she wanted a "boobjob and tummy tuck" and he bought it for her on his modest cop salary. (his words, not mine)

Anyway, I know the best way to combat a cold night: meet my brother at Starbucks for a hot latte and some relaxing conversation, and then head home and curl up on the couch and feed my blog. Goodnight!