Friday, November 30, 2007

Check out my online buddy: BloggerNOOB

Chad sent me an email the other day with these words, "You and I need to get together soon so you can teach me about making money online."
I just had to laugh at this because my response would be, "OK Chad, no problem. My crappy free-hosted blog with great content and cheesy layout has made me a whopping $8.95."

I can't stand the majority of the "Make Money Online" blogs. There are, however, a few that I like to read. One of those is BloggerNoob.
The "Noob" is not a big name in the blogging world. I don't think he has gotten rich on line (yet) and I also don't believe he is much more than 29 years old. But I can learn from him; here's how.
First off, when he updates his site, (I subscribe to his daily RSS feed) he writes several posts. I like this because I can pick and choose from several entries. Also, the length of the posts are not so long as to lose my attention, but not so short as to be too generalized.
Secondly, his site is clean and neat and not full of flashing and blinking advertisements woven into the content. The adds are there, but they are not invasive.

Finally, and most importantly, he is personal and accessible. What I mean by this is that I actually sent him a message the other day asking some specific questions and he promptly answered! That's not gonna happen on the Big Money sites. Also, the advice he gave me was concise and simple.
So, to Chad and my other "BigDaddy Blogging Gang" buddies, go check out the Noob and you will learn about making money online.
Here are some posts I like from his site: