Monday, November 5, 2007

Strange Grocery Store Purchases

I worked at the Kash-N-Karry grocery store on 34th st and 30th Ave in St. Pete, FL from the age of 16-20. It was my first job (besides mowing lawns) and it taught me a lot. I learned customer service skills, task management, and most importantly, how to fondle the melons in produce without bruising them. (a skill I still cherish today!).

The experience also taught me just how wierd some people are. Spending 4 years in the same store afforded me the opportunity to observe most of the regular customers and take mental notes on their buying habits. Here is some of what I noticed.

(1) Guy in his 60s that would buy multiple types of chocolate bars, cans of green beans and immodium anti-diarrhea pills. (that's all he ever bought!)

(2) Skinny tall guy with a mullet, he always wore faded rock concert T-shirts: He would buy fitness magazines and KY jelly. (I let him bag his own stuff! LOL)

(3) Guy always dressed in a suit (made me think he was either a lawyer or businessman) would buy bottles and bottles of hand maybe he was literally and figuratively "washing" his hands of his dirty work practices.

(4) Middle-aged woman who would buy dozens of cans of soft cat food, and bottles of sun-tan lotion. Was she rubbing it on the cats? I dunno.

What strange combinations have you noticed people buying at the grocery store?