Monday, November 5, 2007

Need help from fellow bloggers/webmasters

I have a new project/blogsite I am working on. It will not be rolled out until Spring of next year. In the course of planning, I am going to have to build a website and have it hosted as I do not want to run it on the "blogger" platform that this site runs on. I have already purchased the domain.

I looked at Wordpress, but it seems a little too restrictive. I also downloaded some open source software called "Joomla" that seems usable for someone as myself who has little-to-no HTML experience.

Have any of you used Joomla? Could you give me some advice in getting started with it? How user friendly is it? Flexible?
The site will be in an online newspaper format with several pages, and one page will be in a blog format.

Your help is appreciated!