Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dirty truckers keep finding me, Thanks Google

In the midst of all the blogs out there that claim to be able to increase your Google page rank and importance and whatever else, I have a claim to fame for this little blog; and it ain't pretty.

Some of you may remember this little post from a couple months back. In short, I was ranting and raving in disgust with all the billboards along Florida's interstate 75 advertising Oriental Massage for wayward truck drivers.

Florida is about family, fun, sun and Disney World, ... not horny truck drivers looking for a happy ending at a roadside whore house.

Well, guess what? Google ranks me number one in their searches for these two key words, "Trucker," and "Massage."

I guess my clever and witty humor noting the similarities between "lawn" care and "life" care means nothing to Google.

You may be thinking, "Al, you're over-reacting...this is no big deal" --until you realize just how many dirty-ass-pervs there are out there actually searching those 2 words!

I've been using a couple of different tools to track my incoming links for this blog. One is from MyBlogLog, and another from BumpZ... and just today, I installed Google Analytics.

Here's the scary part: MyBlogLog and BumpZ only give you brief summaries of your hits and where they originated from. Google analytics, however, is quite comprehensive.

Long story short: Since my rant was published on this subject back in August, MyBlogLog has recorded 39 hits resulting from the key words "trucker" and "massage" searched through Google.
Keep in mind, a "hit" means that the jerkweed actually clicked on to this page to view the article.
Here's the scariest part: Google analytics recorded 7 search hits using these 2 key words just in the past 10 hours!

I don't really know what else to say here except that the internet is a very strange place sometimes. Can you catch cooties from some dirtbag surfing your page?

At the end of the day, I certainly hope I at least pissed off one or two of these freakin' degenerates when they read my post and what it was aiming at. Here's a word of advice: If you're a trucker looking for some fun on the road: take your wife with you next time!

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