Friday, November 16, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Lawn

"My neighbor's lawn looks a whole lot better than mine, and he never does
anything to it."
-- covetous homeowner

I hear this a lot, so let me address it by taking it away from the context of lawns, and placing it within the framework of life.

Do these statements seem logical?...
(1) Your neighbor's wife looks hotter & happier than yours, and he never pays any attention to her.
(2) Your neighbor's kids are perfectly behaved, and he never gives them any direction, rules or discipline.
(3) Your neighbor makes more money than you and he never goes to work.
(4) Your neighbor's car is in better shape than yours and he never washes it or changes the oil.

There you go, Life and Lawns in a nutshell.
Anything worth having and caring for, takes work, whether the neighbors observe it or not.
Any questions?
(This post was from a couple days ago, but I am bringing it back to the top because I wanted it to get more attention. It was posted just prior to my screw up when this blog went down)

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