Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life & Lawns back on line! I won't take this risk again.

To my 67,899,001 readers: I am sorry that Life and Lawns has been down for a couple days. I was attempting to make some changes to the hosting and domain and CNAMEs and 'A' records and flux capacitor settings and I jacked up my G-14 classified files being stored in Switzerland. (Google now owns 64.6% of Switzerland, FYI) LOL
Anyway, I will have a REAL Webmaster hook me up/in the right way next time. (Note to self: just because you can over-haul a crappy lawn in 1 week flat doesn't mean you can modify your WWW presence--stick to what you know, dummy!)
In the meantime, thanks for your understanding, and know that I have missed you. (for real)
I will not take a risk like this again...
Blogging for me is like a drug, and I was suffering some massive withdrawals the last few days.