Monday, October 29, 2007

What will I write about during Winter?

I got an email today from a fan of this blog (no lie, really, a real life fan!) and he wanted to know just what topics I'll explore now that the lawn season is pretty much over here in the Chicago area.
"Have no fear," I replied. "Allyn Paul is full of ideas and opinions and bitches and whines."
I plan to still include some Life and Lawn type articles, but I will sprinkle in some more ranting, raving, lame attempts at humor and the occasional post about making money blogging.(hey, buy something here please...) More importantly, I will share with you my knowledge on home improvement. This winter, I am tasked with finishing "Man Land," a.k.a. the basement bathroom. I want to take you step by step through that process.
Oh, and I almost forgot, I need to teach these young kids who are new to home ownership (you know who you are over there on the right in the "blog friends" links) how to put up Christmas lights the righ
t way. One of my pet peeves are Christmas lights that are hung all crooked and crappy! Sheesh! Oh, and please don't put up the multi-colored C6 lights (the fat ones) that were popular in 1982! Stick to a nice, clean, clear light that looks fresh and...well, you'll have to wait for the post and pics on this one...
Last thing: please pray for me as I am feeling a little empty nest syndrome since I tucked my lawn mower in to hibernation for the long winter to come. See the pics, and send your comforting thoughts my way please

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