Wednesday, October 31, 2007


un·a·bashed (ŭn'ə-bāsht')
Not disconcerted or embarrassed; poised.
Not concealed or disguised; obvious: unabashed disgust.

I want to introduce my 8,342 regular readers to one of my new favorite writers, Matt Mitchell. Even though he's a Navy fish, he's still gained my respect and admiration as a fellow blogger and lawn care enthusiast. First off, he's got a huge, 6-acre grass patch that he mows each week. He's got a manly John Deere tractor, but plans to invest in a 4-wheeler with bush hog attachment as soon as his wife dot com gives him the "go-ahead." (I feel his pain) I'm sure he'll convince her to let him splurge on the 4-wheel drive option as well ... just in case the weeds get out-of-hand. LOL
Secondly, his blog site is 80% content and not a bunch of stupid "how to make money" ads that hinder the can actually visit the site and find some good thoughts from a unique mind. He's got several projects/works pending, and you can find out about them as you explore his site. (he's obviously pretty smart because his blog is Wordpress, which is way too complicated for me)
What's more, he's a sports fan and has a second blog entitled "Real Men Wear Houndstooth" in which the most recent post trashes Alabama ESPN radio. I gotta figure that whoever they got down there sucks as much ass as Dan Patrick does up here on our local ESPN affiliate.
Either way, go check out Matt's humor and view on life...I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Leave him a comment and let him know that "Big AL" sent you!