Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bikinis and Lawn Care? Ugghh!

Over the line ... tan line, that is.

Yep, some perv has decided to market his lawn mowing business by employing pot-bellied, cottage-cheese-legged hussies to "perform" the labor. Lord help us!

My first thought (honestly): What about safety issues? ...flying debris? Weed whackers throw a lot of crap around! I'd hate to see that chafing!
My second thought (honestly again): How sexy could these chicks be when they pull up to their 4th or 5th stop of the day at high noon with grass clippings smeared on their cankles and dirt embedded between their toes?
My third honest thought: Nobody, and I mean; nobody, looks good straining and struggling while guiding a 350 lb commercial lawn mower off the landscape trailer.

Definition of a "cankle" can be found here: