Friday, October 17, 2008

Ice Melter In Stock, Buy Now, Buy Early Snow Melt

UPDATE: we have found a supplier who has ice melt in all quantities for small residential deliveries and large commercial customers as well.

Click Here to BUY ICE MELTER.

Ice Melting products come in many varieties: Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Urea. No matter which you choose or where you buy them, there are some common rules to follow when applying ice melter.


*Don't over apply the product. Ice melter is not “snowblower in a bag!” Follow the instructions on the label all the time, every time.


*Don't try to melt away a foot deep snow accumulation. Once again, ice melter is not “Snow Shovel in a bucket!” Before applying ice melting products, shovel away the majority of the snow that has built up.


* Don’t apply ice melt with your bare hands. Use a scooper. When you buy buckets of ice melt here, they come is a plastic scoop included for spreading the product.


*Make sure the container is tightly sealed when storing your ice melter. Ice melt products will absord moisture from the air and harden up, rendering them unusable.


*Don't apply any ice melt product on top of new concrete that has not fully cured.


*All products will have an impact on vegetation like grass or shrubs. Be careful not to throw ice melting products onto plants or lawns directly. After winter is over, spring rains and melting snow will most normally take care of any buildup as long as you have not over-applied the product.


*Try to spread a thin layer of ice melt prior to snow and ice storms. This will make your shoveling and snow blowing easier in the long run.


You can purchase ice melting products in many places. Get them before the next snow storm and be sure to ask about free delivery.