Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spam Filters and The Pope

Just a quick observation today:

(and, NO, this ain't some paid advertisement crap either!)

My company uses a spam-catching-company called MX Logic. I think they do pretty well because they stop about 90% of the garbage that would be coming through to my inbox. In addition, they don't stop too much good mail either. Overall, they do a good job.

Each morning, I get an email from them with a list of quarantined messages and I have to sift through it just to be sure there is nothing important in there.
Oddly enough, Outlook's own spam filters always throw MS Logic's email in to the "junk" folder! Ha!

Isn't that kinda like St. Peter telling the Pope, "Sorry man, you gotta go to that 'other' line over there and get checked out further before we let you through those pearly gates?"