Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mitt, Mormons, Marketing, Monopolies & Minorities?

Mitt Romney will not win the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, and he knows it. And after his speech yesterday in College Station, Texas, he has revealed the true reason for his candidacy: Marketing "The Church."

That's right, "The Church" as they strongly urge journalists to refer to them as, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, founded on the daydreams of Joseph Smith in the early 1800s. ...And they speak of themselves as the only 'true' church in existence today -- they have a monopoly on God, so it seems. This, to me, at best sounds arrogant:

"After centuries of spiritual darkness (prior to 1820), a restoration
of truth was needed. Under the Direction of our Heavenly Father, the gospel of
Jesus Christ was restored on the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. God has
promised it will never be taken from His children again. ... Joseph Smith’s
First Vision marked the beginning of the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s Church to
the earth. In subsequent years, Christ restored His priesthood and reorganized
His Church. He has continued to reveal truths to His prophets and to restore the
blessings that were taken from the earth for a time."

So for hundreds of years prior to 1820 there was nothing but "spiritual darkness?" I guess that means the good Pilgrims were nothing but a bunch of apostates?

Would this also mean, then, that Mitt Romney and other Mormon believers look today at other faiths and belief systems as apostate or false? If so, you can bet that Mitt's cabinet, should he win, would be a 100% Mormon cabinet. Afterall, if he truly believes what his church teaches, it would be nearly a sin to appoint a reprobate to a high position in government. How could Mitt appoint a hell-bound apostate in good conscience?

I did notice that since Romney's speech, the Mormons have also employed an all-out marketing campaign utilizing Yahoo. In the screen shot, you will see my Yahoo-mail homepage. To the right is an extremely annoying flash box that normally contains advertisements for low mortgage rates, cheap air travel, or singles websites. But today, for the first time ever, it is completely monopolized by ads for the Book of Mormon and the Mormon Church. Could the timing of Mitt's speech and this ad showing up be just coincidence, or a sly marketing ploy to draw attention to the church that Joseph Smith dreamed up?
The church addressed this in a press release dated October 27th, 2007:

"The new series was conceived long before the present presidential campaign got underway, and work on the spots began well before a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced his candidacy."
However, I still question the coincidence on Yahoo specifically.

Finally, as I researched the Mormons (I was really curious as to why their god gave in to political pressure and changed his mind about the law regarding polygamy) I actually found something more interesting and disturbing. I found that their leadership is made up entirely of white men and a few white women, but no minorities. I searched high and low over their leaders, and even on Mitt's site, and alas, no black folks in leadership. Why is this?

Well, I found an excellent and well-sourced article that explains Mormon theology in the light of their feelings towards people of color. It seems that Mormons and their god once taught that black folks were dark-skinned as a curse for sin, and that they were condemned to live a lowly and comely life. It wasn't until the late 1970s that one of their high leaders declared that god had changed his mind and that black folks were now considered human again.

Seems, however, that a quick view of the Mormon leadership pictured here would tell a different story. I wonder how Mitt, a Mormon, would feel about helping starving people in Africa since he and his arrogant church still view the inhabitants there as once having a "curse" of blackness?
It boils down to this: The Mormon church can attempt to mainstream it's appearance through coy marketing initiatives and seemingly transparent agendas, but in reality, they are nothing more than a secretive, exclusive religion boasting arrogant prophecies that would divide this country and the world even further should one be elected president.