Friday, October 5, 2007

Creative Spammer Names

Do you get a lot of spam email? …I do.
I believe it’s because my company email address has been active for nearly 10 years. Over that span of time, I’ve used this email addy for everything from confirming my latest Johnston and Murphy shoe order, to it being a point of contact for potential job applicants. Due to this fairly “public” use of the address, I have to think that every spammer from the Silicon Valley to Bangor, Maine has me somewhere in their mass list.
I get offers to buy enhancement drugs (somebody trying to tell me something???), computer software, trips to exotic locals, investment secrets and sometimes a sweet offer on how to by Yankee Candles directly from China. (ain’t they made in Deerfield, Mass.?)
The good news, however, is that most of crap gets caught in my company’s spam filter.
This is a good, but sometimes bad thing…
As anything technological goes, the spam filter sometimes catches emails that are not actually spam. Because of this, I have the daily task of combing through dozens of emails caught in the filter to make sure that there are no legitimate ones in there.
In doing this, over the years I have noticed some pretty creative spam email names that have caught my eye. The products and services they are schlepping are nothing new, but their names are.
Here is a list of some of the more creative ones I’ve seen and my thoughts about them:
Panka Dago (sounds like a new dance is ‘da club’)
Dumps Terdive (your Mamma didn’t like ya much!)
Minnie Reynebuster (how about the full sized Reynebuster?)
Stempy Tubesteak (Oxymoronic?)
Tubby Ishmael (Opposite of a 'Stempy Tubesteak')
Spike DaStike (Gotta be a Chicago Mob Boss)
Leopold Triglicerine (Inventor of a heart medicine?)
Paul Abdulla (shemale Iranian version of the singer?)
Toofs Periodonatal (cartoon character with gum disease)
Beefy Coagulated (rare steak left sitting out too long)
Major Contratulatory (something I deserve daily!)

Have you noticed any funny spam names? Comments encouraged…