Monday, July 30, 2007

Shark Week: devour the sailors, save the sharks!

I just love Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I believe the shark is one of God's perfect creations. It is an unwavering, uncompromising predator.
But the people who run Shark Week really crack me up.

For 2 months now, they've been advertising the "Deadliest Shark Attack in US History," in regards to the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Long story short, the boat sank, and all the crew were devoured by hungry sharks.

Here's the funny part. While this movie/dramatization showing sailors being sucked under and ravaged by evil sharks is being aired -- during commercials -- a guy comes on to tell us how "even though the shark is a dangerous man-eater, their numbers are dwindling due to over fishing and game hunting -- we need to protect them." ... something to that effect anyway.

Is it just me, or is this a mixed message? Isn't the draw of shark week the fact that sharks are killers? I don't think any one's tuning in to see the sailors holding hands and singing cum-baya!
This ain't a Disney flick.

We're tuning in to see carnage! We like sharks because they hunt innocent, resort island lawmen like Roy Scheider!
(for you youngin's, that's a reference to the Jaws movies)

So tonight I'm watching again, and here they are with the same public service announcements going during every break, while a South African dive team chums up the waters with blood and guts, lours in several species of sharks, shoots tracking darts into their asses, and then decides to hand-feed them while shoving a shiny camera in their faces!

Yeah, that does a lot to help the shark become as beloved as Bambi!

And, to put a personal cap on the story, my wife and I are off tomorrow for a trip to the Bahamas. Of course, we aren't going to be doing any shark hunting or fishing or darting. Nope, we're going safe: we're gonna be swimming with stingrays ... and since I'm no Crocodile Hunter, I should be just fine!